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Timberfast XT Screws
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Ideal for sleepers – the modern alternative to coach screws!

Timbercut railway sleeper screws have an aggressive thread that can penetrate even the thickest wood without the need for pre-drilled holes. This makes them ideal for thick railway sleepers, as they are made from carbon steel using a standard cold forming process, then heat treated for strength.

The unique tapered head allows the screw to easily countersink flush against the wood. Timbercut screws make installation much quicker and easier than using coach bolts and they can be removed again if required.

Available in boxes of 50.

  • 4 cutting flutes for easy driving
  • No pilot holes required in most applications
  • 1000 hours organic coating for exterior use
  • 6.3mm diameter for increased strength
  • Hex drive bit in each box

Please Note: Cutting, drilling or notching of the sleepers would expose untreated timber and must be treated with a timber preservative.